AVR Assembler Command Reference

avr commands

I was prompted to create this guide by the fact that all existing resources are inconvenient, since they do not have the ability to quickly switch between instructions. Whereas I wanted to be able to see the description of the command immediately after entering its name, without any unnecessary actions.

The manual is based on the Atmel documentation. In addition, more examples of the use of commands have been added here. In particular, examples for the AVR GCC assembler have been added, since the latter has a number of features related to linking the object code.

To quickly go to the required just, just enter its name.

The Rat: C-- compiler for AVR

The Rat AVR

When writing code on assembly language, there is a desire to have a more convenient syntax, similar to the syntax of C, where familiar and more readable constructs can be used instead of assembly mnemonics. Similar to how it is done in C--. This prompted me to create a language and compiler for the AVR microcontroller, which allows you to write very compact and very fast code.

Doorbell with I2C-flash


It's a simple doorbell that can play melodies and audiorecords from I2C flash-memory chip. The device has two parts - digital and analog. The digital part used the microcontroller AT89C2051 and flash-memory AT24C256.

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