AVR Assembler Command Reference

avr commands

I was prompted to create this guide by the fact that all existing resources are inconvenient, since they do not have the ability to quickly switch between instructions. Whereas I wanted to be able to see the description of the command immediately after entering its name, without any unnecessary actions.

The manual is based on the Atmel documentation. In addition, more examples of the use of commands have been added here. In particular, examples for the AVR GCC assembler have been added, since the latter has a number of features related to linking the object code.

To quickly go to the required just, just enter its name.

AVR UART Baud Rate Calculator

UART baudrate calculator

Online UART bitrate calculator for AVR-microcontrollers. By default, you can get a list of the UBRR settings for many popular clock speeds, and serial port bit rates. But you can tell it what serial port bit rate you want, and it will tell you all the possible clock speeds that will generate your desired serial port bit rate. You can also give it a clock speed, and it will tell you all the possible serial port bit rates that can be producted with that clock speed.

RGB565 color picker for LCD

RGB565 color picker

Many of the AVR/STM/Arduino compatible TFT displays available can display up to 64K colors . These screens using the RGB565 (16-bit color) specification instead of what you're used to, RGB888 (24-bit color). The RGB565 color bitmask is rrrrrggg:gggbbbbb: red - 5 bit (0-31) in MSB, green - 6 bit (0-63), blue - 5 bit (0-31) in LSB. For RGB888 <-> RGB565 color conversion, you can use this online color picker.

trolCommander v0.9.8

trolCommander 0.9.8

Released a new version of trolCommander (0.9.8). It included many improvements to the text viewer and editor, working with archives, MacOS X utilities, and so on.

trolCommander v0.9.7

trolCommander 0.9.7

Recently, released a new version of the trolCommander file manager - 0.9.7.
Briefly about the main improvements in it ...

trolCommander 0.9.6

trolCommander file manager

New version of trolCommander released - 0.9.6.

Now trolCommander required for Java Runtime 8 and above.

Main features:

  • Implemented compact and short view mode (see View->Mode in main menu)
  • Support getting local file owner/group on unix-based systems, added owner/group values to file preference dialog
  • Quality file icons on Mac OS X
  • New search feature in shortcuts prefs
  • Batch file rename - regexp support
  • Executable files highlight
  • FindFile dialog: output list with colorised files and file icons
  • FindFile dialog: new hotkeys for search results - F5 (copy), F6 (move), F8 (delete) selected files
  • Performance optimisation and reduced memory consumption

The best free file manager for Mac OS and not only


When you use your Mac, file browsing options are important. The default file browser for Mac OS is Finder. However, many Mac users find it to be lacking in a few essential features like dual window mode. Fortunately, there are many alternatives - paid and free. Among the free file managers can be noted Moroshka, Midnight commander and muCommander.

Bresenham's line algorithm for power control

Bresenham algoritm

When creating a microcontroller devices periodically there is a problem of regulation of some of the analog value, such as voltage at the IC pin, LED brightness, power, etc. In order to form an analog signal with a given amplitude at the pin of chip commonly used method of pulse-width modulation - PWM. The basis of the PWM output is on pin IC pulses with varying duty cycle.

Calculation of the tabular functions for microcontrollers

Calculation of the tabular functions for microcontrollers

When programming microcontrollers sometimes there is a problem of calculation of math functions. And despite the fact that the standard AVR GCC library includes support for float numbers and basic math calculations, in practice is not always possible to use these routines.

SWF-flash files unpacking

SWF unpacking

There are many commercial soft to extract resources (images and sounds etc) from flash SWF files. There is also a free crossplatform console toolset for compile and decompile SWF: swftools.

In particular, this package includes tools swfextract и swfdump to extract resources from the SWF and decompilation SWF files with getting list of elements with dumps. The disadvantage of these tools is that the first one can't automatically extract all resources from a file and the second can't store hex-dumps to binary files.



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