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AVR Assembler Command Reference

avr commands

I was prompted to create this guide by the fact that all existing resources are inconvenient, since they do not have the ability to quickly switch between instructions. Whereas I wanted to be able to see the description of the command immediately after entering its name, without any unnecessary actions.

The manual is based on the Atmel documentation. In addition, more examples of the use of commands have been added here. In particular, examples for the AVR GCC assembler have been added, since the latter has a number of features related to linking the object code.

To quickly go to the required just, just enter its name.

AVR UART Baud Rate Calculator

UART baudrate calculator

Online UART bitrate calculator for AVR-microcontrollers. By default, you can get a list of the UBRR settings for many popular clock speeds, and serial port bit rates. But you can tell it what serial port bit rate you want, and it will tell you all the possible clock speeds that will generate your desired serial port bit rate. You can also give it a clock speed, and it will tell you all the possible serial port bit rates that can be producted with that clock speed.

RGB565 color picker for LCD

RGB565 color picker

Many of the AVR/STM/Arduino compatible TFT displays available can display up to 64K colors . These screens using the RGB565 (16-bit color) specification instead of what you're used to, RGB888 (24-bit color). The RGB565 color bitmask is rrrrrggg:gggbbbbb: red - 5 bit (0-31) in MSB, green - 6 bit (0-63), blue - 5 bit (0-31) in LSB. For RGB888 <-> RGB565 color conversion, you can use this online color picker.

Calculation of the tabular functions for microcontrollers

Calculation of the tabular functions for microcontrollers

When programming microcontrollers sometimes there is a problem of calculation of math functions. And despite the fact that the standard AVR GCC library includes support for float numbers and basic math calculations, in practice is not always possible to use these routines.

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