PNG-files optimiztion - pngout


Optimization of image files to reduce their size without loss of quality is especially important when developing applications for mobile devices, Web applications or Intertet-sites. To reduce the size of png-files there is a good free command-line utility - PNGOUT. This utility is repacked the data in IDAT-chunk (data chunk that contains information about all image pixels), can automatically reduce the color depth (where it makes sense) and remove from package some chunks that are not necessary.


Connecting the Joystick from game consoles to your PC

Sega joystick and PC

8- and 16-bit game consoles that were a long time ago very popular, has long lost its leadership in gaming and entertainment market. However, the old games are still popular and yet are perfectly competitive of the interestingness with the modern multi-gigabyte and multi-gigahertz monsters. Today there are many different emulators of old consoles and the Chinese industry is still produced a console itself as well as joysticks to them.

USBasp programmer

USBASP programmer

USB ASP programmer is an popular USB programmer for AVR microcontrollers. There are many different implementations of USBasp, but since PCB dimensions were not suitable for my case, I has made my version of the PCB.

Power regulator for solderer

Power regulator for solderer

Power control is useful when soldering. It allows to keep the temperature of a soldering tip at the optimal level, reducing its destruction and extends its life. I found in the Web two circuits of microcontroller power regulator by L.I. Ridiko. These devices are control the power by changing the number of half cycles through mains soldering iron on the second. The higher power set, the more half-cycles will go on a soldering iron and the less will be a pause between them. Because the switching occurs in moments of transition of line voltage through the zero, electrical noise, caused by the regulator, will be minimal.


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