trolCommander file manager

trolCommander file manager

trolCommander - fork of the free and opensource (GPL) filemanager muCommander. It is a lightweight, cross-platform file manager with a dual-pane interface with tabbed navigation and rich functionality. The application runs on any operating system with Java support (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, *BSD, Solaris). It supports multiple virtual systems - Android, FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP, Amazon S3, Hadoop HDFS, Bonjour and can browse, create and uncompress ZIP, RAR, 7z, TAR, GZip, BZip2, ISO/NRG, AR/Deb and LST archives

trolCommander requires Java Runtime 8 (or highter).


Unfortunately the muCommander project was abandoned by the autors and not supported since 2012. It lacks such basic and necessary features, such as searching for files. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the authors, I decided to create the clone muCommander

Version 0.9.9 (29 December 2016)

New features

  • New icons
  • High-resolution icons for Retina displays
  • Implemented new file Preview mode (Ctrl+4)
  • Colour tags for files on MacOS X
  • Alt+Enter shortcut in text editor now can open file under cursor
  • Added shortcut key to display the file popup menu with default key being the Context Menu key (or Alt+Down on MacOS X)
  • New actions in file table: NavigateLeft/NavigateRight


  • Make dir: try as root on MacOS X if permission denied
  • Added 'created' and 'last accessed' dates in file properties window
  • Improved ADB location detection on MacOS X
  • Added NewTab command to toolbar and main menu
  • Show icons for bookmarks
  • A lot of minor improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some android ADB file system issues
  • Fixed memory leak issue in FileSearch, Viewer and Editor
  • Fixed SFTP binary files view issue
  • A lot of minor fixes
trolCommander quick view mode

Version 0.9.8 (3 August 2016)

More details here

New features

  • Text viewer/editor: new Find and Replace dialogs
  • Alt-TAB to switch current file in text viewer/editor
  • Added window list button to statusbar in file-manager-, text-, hex- and image-viewers
  • Added compare text files command (Mac OS X only)
  • Added tips for AVR microcontrollers command in texteditor
  • Code folding in text editor and viewer
  • Added single panel mode
  • Added “Eject” command for mounted items in /Volumes/ directory (Mac OS X only)
  • Added new menu item: Tools -> Eject drive (Mac OS X only)
  • Fixed working with adb/Android (added new config file - with environment options. if adb not found, define ANDROID_HOME variable in this file


  • Bookmarks: add possibility for cyclic bypass via arrow keys
  • If bookmark's name is `-` treat it as a separator
  • Increased height for quick-lists windows
  • Better error message when copying to readonly archive
  • Improved delete file dialog for single file case
  • Server connection dialog: default value of path to ssh private key in unix-based OS
  • Improved German GUI translation
  • Added progress indicator for directory size calculation worker
  • FindFile improvements
  • Increased the startup speed

Bug fixes

  • Fixed "sticky" cursor issue
  • Fixed "Open with" context menu issues
  • Fixed 7z reading on Windows (directory structure was missing due to path separator issue)
  • Fixed theme selection and saving
  • Fixed drives popup delay on Windows
  • Fixed/avoid JVM crash when opening viewer under OSX as vmWare guest
  • Fixed for KDE startup
  • Fixed Preferences Shortcut Search Filter (Filter failed to find shortcuts that have been changed but not applied yet. This fix searches through the current shortcuts in the table instead of the global preferences)

Version 0.9.7 (21 January 2016)

What's new:
  • ISO files support
  • Android FS support with ADB
  • Removed turkish localisation, since this version the software doesn't work in Turkey
  • Updated german translation
  • Added AVR assembler syntax highlight
  • Added color preview for text editor
  • Updated Hadoop support
  • Added file icons to quick lists
  • Disabled djvu viewer (use external)
  • Fixed viewer/editor issue on Windows 8
  • Click to disk space indicator to refresh it
  • Improved performance and fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed a lot of issues
  • A lot of minor improvements

Version 0.9.6 (19 June 2015)

Main features:
  • Required Java 8 and above
  • Implemented compact and short view mode (see View->Mode in main menu)
  • Support getting local file owner/group on unix-based systems, added owner/group values to file preference dialog
  • Quality file icons on Mac OS X
  • New search feature in shortcuts prefs
  • Batch file rename - regexp support
  • Executable files highlight
  • FindFile dialog: output list with colorised files and file icons
  • FindFile dialog: new hotkeys for search results - F5 (copy), F6 (move), F8 (delete) selected files
  • Performance optimisation and reduced memory consumption
  • Fixed SFTP issue (application freezes, incorrect obfuscation)
  • Fixed FTP issues (application freezes)
  • Fixed archive unpacking issue
  • Fixed portable linux package
  • Fixed Czech translation (thanks to Ondřej Zima)
  • Fixed language change issue if default locale is not English-US
  • Fixed FTP mkdir operation after rmdir for the same
  • Fixed double dialog issue (found on Mac OS X)
  • Fixed SVG viewer issue
  • Fixed image viewer issue (closing InputStream)
  • Fixed hex viewer issue for empty files
  • Fixed symlink detection
  • Fixed wrong file size issue for archive files on FTP after file changes
Minor improvements:
  • Text viewer/editor: the default font for Mac OS X now is Menlo
  • Mouse scroll support for file panels
  • Fixed double dialog issue (found on Mac OS X)
  • Fixed file find in symlink
  • Improved integration with Gnome on Linux (thanks to Ondřej Zima)
  • Added ShowFoldersSize action
  • Total progress on pack operation and directories deletion
  • Syntax highlight for .zsh, .zshrc, *.ino (arduino), *.m (Objective-C) and *.props files
  • Ruby syntax autodetect for viewer/editor
  • Added new actions for basic file browsing exactly feeling like TC (OpenLeftInRightPanelAction and OpenRightInLeftPanelAction)
  • Refresh ftp folders after file was changed (in text editor etc.)
  • Debug console - added threads info
  • Show symlink target in command line for FTP and SFTP files
  • Symlink: copy and edit works only for local files
  • Case insensitive file search on Windows and Mac OS X

Version 0.9.5 (4 January 2015)

What's new:

  • Supports of background copy/move/pack/unpack operations. You can select the checkbox "Background mode" on operation dialog or collapse the progress dialog with button "Hide". To expand the progress dialog from status bar press to progress indicator
  • Performance optimizations for file panels: directories with lot of files now open much faster
  • Find file: added encoding selector and hex mode search ability, significantly improved the performance and memory consumption
  • Improved symlink editor dialogs, added info about symlink target to StatusBar
  • Copy command now can process symlinks
  • Added Python and Bash files autodetection for viewer/editor
  • Addd hotkeys fot built-in Terminal:
    Ctrl/Cmd + UP, Ctrl+Cmd + DOWN to resize termianl
    Ctrl/Cmd + LEFT, Ctrl+Cmd + RIGHT to collapse and expand it
    Ctrl/Cmd + 1, Ctrl/Cmd + 2 to go to file panel from Terminal
    F2 to go to Terminal from file panels
  • StatusBar: added heap indicator
  • A lot of minor improvements and bugfixes.

Version 0.9.4 (31 October 2014)

What's new:

  • Added internal Terminal programm based on JediTerm (F2 hotkey). The external Terminal can be called now by Shift-F2.
  • Read-only files can be overwtited now on copy/move operations and on save text file in editor
  • Removed JRE from Mac OS X package (file If you don't have installed Java 8 plaese use package trolcommander-0_9_4.app_with_java.tar.gz.
  • A lot of minor improvements and bugfixes.

Version 0.9.3 (15 October 2014)

What's new:

  • Implemented highlighting for file groups. Added new tab in the Theme settings dialog - “File groups”:
    File groups settings in trolCommander
    You can specify up to 10 file groups and set colours for files. Group defined by the list of file masks separated by commas.
  • Implemented Command editor.. muCommander can set up different commands to run, view and edit files, open the browser, etc. Details about this can be found here. In addition added the new property for commands - filemask . It allows to apply commands only to certain groups of files (which also defines the list of file masks separated by commas). This allowed to configure an external program for editing and viewing. Implemented “Edit commands” dialog (menu, Tools - Edit commands):
    Command editor
  • Added settings for Terminal program, Preferences dialog, tab “Misc".
  • Some minor improvements and bugfixes.

Version 0.9.2 (20 September 2014)

What's new:

  • Added SVG images format support for viewer
  • Added grey grid for transparent images in viewer
  • Added status bar for text editor
  • added Format command for XML and JSON formats (Cmd+Shift+F or Ctrl+Shift+F)
  • auto detection of PHP file syntax
  • fixed total progress calculation on copy and unpack
  • fixed archive unpacking issue

Version 0.9.1 (21 Jul 2014)

What's new:

  • Implemented Find File dialog. Hotkeys F3 / F4 allows open the viewer / editor for found files
  • Fixed hotkeys for viewer and editor - hotkeys Ctrl+S and Ctrl+F (have not worked) replaced for Mac OS to Cmd+S and Cmd+F
  • Added Terminal command (F2) for Mac OS and WindowsXP
  • TextArea component replaced to RSyntaxTextArea big files open now much faster, the maximum file size is increased from 1 to 10 megabytes. Syntax highlight
  • Added new dark theme - "Trol" (see screenshoot above)
  • Fixed bugs in theme editor
  • Commands "goto next" and "goto prev" for images viewer
  • Implemented undo/redo commands and 'goto line' dialog in file editor
  • Store caret position, encoding and syntax type in viewer and editor for last 100 files
  • F3 hotkey for directory calculate it size, F4 hotkey shows permission setup dialog
  • Multithread loading - muCommander starts faster now
  • Simplified files mark/unmark dialog - only file mask with * and ? macroses
  • Added PDF viewer
  • The application compiled for Java 1.7, the older JVM doesn't supporting more
  • Fixed viewer and editor issues for Windows
  • Fixed some bugs in theme editor
  • HEX file viewer
  • New images formats support. Now trolCommander supports the following image formats: png, gif, jpg, bmp, wbmp, ico, psd, tga, tiff, pnm, pbm, pgm, ppm, scr.
  • StatusBar for images viewer window with general info about picture and pixel color value viewer
  • Search history for text and filenames
  • Support of non-latin filenames in RAR-archives
  • Fixed some issues with RAR-archives
  • Improved win1251 charset autodetection
  • Autodetection of XML-files for text-viewer
  • Saving the size and position of windows and dialogs
  • Speed optimization of opening for viewers and editors
  • Migration to 7-Zip-JBinding for 7zip decompressor. Decompression speed should increase. Fixed issues with temporary files in trolCommander directory on decompression.
  • Implemented calculator with support of hex (etc. 0x12), octal (etc. 0123) and binary (etc. 0b10101010) numbers (Alt-C)
  • Symlink creator (Alt-F7)
  • Symlink editor (F4)
  • HTML viewer (requires JavaFX libraries, Java 8 recommended)
  • Added new quick list - viewer and editor for recent text files (Alt-7) and (Alt-8)).
  • Added new command (Shift-F3) that allows to specify view mode (HTML, Text or Binary etc.)
  • Fixed a lot of other bugs

The source code is available on github:

For installation under MacOS need to unzip the file into /Applications/ directory if you have installed Java 8. Elsewere use package trolcommander-XXX.app_with_java.tar.gz (since 0.9.4).

DownloadDownload from GoogleDrive

trolCommander is Free Software. If you like the software, you can donate to support us.

Also if you enjoyed this program please, like it on

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DownloadtrolCommander 0.9.8
DownloadtrolCommander 0.9.7
DownloadtrolCommander 0.9.6

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Отличный проект!

Видел Ваш комментарий под видео о сборке muCommander, в которой поддержана смена текущей директории терминала на директорию панели (в Far / TC / старых менеджерах это было единственно возможное поведение). Не нашел такую возможность в trolCommander — есть ли она?



Довольный пользователь

Такой возможности сейчас нет, и она кажется мне несколько нелогичной - в момент смены каталога в терминале может выполняться другая программа, в какой момент менять директорию? Как вариант, можно добавить горячую клавишу для синхронизации директории..

Согласен, в отличие от far/mc и прочих, терминал тут живет своей жизнью, так что правильный вариант — горячая клавиша. Было бы супер :)

Привет и спасибо за поддержку отличного проекта.

Хотел сделать донат, но PayPal даёт отлуп для перевода в $ для граждан России:

"Инициированный вами платеж заблокирован, так как платежи с помощью PayPal между резидентами России можно осуществлять только в российских рублях. Вернитесь на веб-сайт продавца и выберите опцию оплаты в российских рублях или воспользуйтесь другим способом оплаты."

Можно добавить ещё форму в рублях.

Возможно ли как то сделать, что бы можно было редактировать файл на FTP с помощью удаленного редактора и все сохранения подхватывались, как у Transmit.


У меня проблема с работой софтины. OSX_10.9.5. Система не признает за программу, хотя в требованиях прописано: OSX_10.5 и выше – это, например, из портала, ведь в страничке автора ничего подобного не видно. ТrolCommander_0.9.8 принимает папка Applications, но кликнув на иконку в доке, она пригнет разок и утихает – программа не запускается и показывает ошибку Мain class name is required. В системе стоит Java_RE_8_upd-171. Проделал процедуру, что указано в страничке

Ошибка больше не появляется, но коммандер тоже не стартует. В добавок поставил и Java_SDK_8_upd-171. Результат не изменился… Поставил и jre-10.0.2_osx-x64 – безрезультатно. Ну, изпробовал trolCommander_0.9.7/0.9.6 – ничего нового, запуска нету. Тогда нашел и поставил вариант с Java – trolCommander_v0.9.5.app_with_java. Тоже не работает !

Только в одном случае возможно запустить коммандер – когда кликнешь прямо на trolcommander.jar, что находится внутри .app-файла. Это свойственно всем изпробованным версиям коммандера. Вроде неплохо, однако шоткут [alias] к такому .jar док не пускает в зону программ, а принимает только в правой части, в зоне иконки Trash, и что уж совсем неприемлемо – иконка шоткута как у обычного ява-файла [чашка кофе].

В чем может крыться причина, что нормально не запускается коммандер?

В моей системе стоит muCommander_0.9.2 и нормально работает. Внимание зацепило вид иконки этого файла:


У всех инсталлированных trolCommander'ов иконка бледная и похожа на обычного файла, тем временем у muCommander'а она темно серая. Почему такая разница?

P.S. Пожелал бы в описании любой версии trolCommander увидеть, с какими версиями OSX он работает. Все, что я смог заметить – всего пару строк типа “сопряжено с OSX 10.7/10.8” в списках исправлений/нововведений. Разве это нормально?

Если что-то не работает, то

1. открываем терминал

2. запускаем приложение командой "/Applications/"

3. смотрим сообщение об ошибке