The Christmas LED-Snowflate-thermometer

Новогодняя светодиодная снежинка с микроконтроллерным управлением и индикацией температуры

This LED "Snowflate" made from mainly blue and white LEDs and can serve as Christmas present, Christmas ornament or night light. The device also has a thermometer. Snowflake has 6 beams and every beam contains 8 superbright LEDs. I have used blue and white LEDs with different diameters.

Doorbell with I2C-flash


It's a simple doorbell that can play melodies and audiorecords from I2C flash-memory chip. The device has two parts - digital and analog. The digital part used the microcontroller AT89C2051 and flash-memory AT24C256.

USBasp programmer

USBASP programmer

USB ASP programmer is an popular USB programmer for AVR microcontrollers. There are many different implementations of USBasp, but since PCB dimensions were not suitable for my case, I has made my version of the PCB.

Power regulator for solderer

Power regulator for solderer

Power control is useful when soldering. It allows to keep the temperature of a soldering tip at the optimal level, reducing its destruction and extends its life. I found in the Web two circuits of microcontroller power regulator by L.I. Ridiko. These devices are control the power by changing the number of half cycles through mains soldering iron on the second. The higher power set, the more half-cycles will go on a soldering iron and the less will be a pause between them. Because the switching occurs in moments of transition of line voltage through the zero, electrical noise, caused by the regulator, will be minimal.

Solderless breadboard - microcontroller designer

Solderless breadboard - microcontroller designer

This breadboard can be used for temporary prototypes and experimenting with circuit design more easily. It is designed for prototyping circuits on chips in DIP-packages and discrete components. The breadboard is intended primarily for prototyping devices on microcontrollers AVR (ATMega8/48/88/168/16/32/8535/...) and АТ89Сх50. The breadboard is based on 40-pin single row connectors PBS (step 2.54mm) and IC-sockets.

t-boot - compact and crossplatform AVR bootloader

AVR bootloader

tboot Loader is a ultra small (only 256 bytes) opensource boot loader for AVR microcontrollers, it's used for programming flash using a serial link between your computer and the microcontroller through any free COM port (or USB to serial adapter).

tboot consists of two parts:
1. on chip boot loader, that resides at the boot section of the flash memory, this loader based on SSBL bootloader
2. windows software, the console utility, that has the responsibility of writing/reading data into/from the microcontroller

DupKiller - Tool to remove duplicate files

Find duplicate files

DupKiller - a small console program to find and remove duplicate files on disks.

Utility can be run without parameters, then it will find duplicate files in current directory. You can pass it as arguments a list of paths:

LED activity level indicator for PC

LED activity level indicator for PC

This device is based on AT89C2051 microcontroller and allows to display HDD and network usage.


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