Mac OS X CPU Temperature monitor

Mac OS CPU thermometer

Sometimes Mack heated, sometimes it gets very hot, that you begin to think about the reasons for the heating and cooling methods. For this purpose I would always see the CPU temperature in the system tray. But I could not find some good ready solution for this. So I wrote a little primitive program, the only purpose of which - displays the current temperature of the CPU for the computer on Mac OS X.

It looks like this:

CPU temperature monitor for mac os x

The application can be downloaded here. To install it, unpack and copy the directory into /Applications directory. And if you want to make the application starts automatically when the system loads then store attached file ru.trolsoft.macthermometer.plist to user directory ~/Library/LaunchAgents/.

By default, the temperature is updated every two seconds. If this is does not suit you the refresh interval can be changed in the file /Applications/ by key interval (see to the file end).


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