Zomberman game

Zomberman game

Zomberman - is a clone of the old good games such as Bomberman and Dyna Blaster.

There are dark and terrible mazes full of angry and hungry zombies. Only a brave Zomberman can fight against that horrible creatures. Blow up walls, kill enemies, find secrets, collect keys which will help you to escape from that scary mazes.

You play a Zomberman character running around a series of mazes. You have dynamites that you must use smartly to block your enemy it a determined time. The mazes are build up of blocks, some of which are solid, and some - which tend to look like brick - are not. These can be blown up with them bombs you carry - place your bomb on the ground, dash around a solid corner to safety, and watch as is takes out the more vulnerable bricks or one of the zombies who wander around the level. Be careful not to be blown by your bombs! The bombs blow in four directions, and the blast stops if it hits a breakable rock.


If a bomb blast hits another bomb, that one goes off too, whether it's reached the end of its couple-second fuse or not. Sometimes, when you destroy bricks, some power-ups will be left behind. These power-ups will improve your character's abilities:

makes the explosiob bigger
you collect a bomb
the game speed is faster
control - bombs do not explode auitomatically, but only when you press on the remote control button
this icon gives a bonus live
protects you from the zombies and explosions

Also, you must collect all the hidden keys on the level. When all keys have been found, you must leave the area thought a blinking door. This door is hidden in the walls. You will have to blow walls until you find it.

Game characteristics:

  • Colorful graphics
  • 4 scenarios
  • A lot of bonuses and levels
  • quality sound and music

Screenshoots of the game:

Level select Game screen Game scren Game scren Collected items

You can download the game on this link:

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