trolCommander v0.9.7

trolCommander 0.9.7

Recently, released a new version of the trolCommander file manager - 0.9.7.
Briefly about the main improvements in it ...

Android devices filesystem support

The main feature of the release - work with Android devices. Now you can copy files from the connected devices with the Android OS on a disk, and vice versa.

Working with android devices going through a ADB utility that is included with Android SDK. That is, you first need to install Android SDK. Next, you should register path to ADB utility in the PATH environment variable. Then you can start the adb server with command

adb start-server

after that, the Quick Access Toolbar (Alt+F1, Alt+F2) will be a group "Android". If there is a connected device, then they appear in this group (in the form of serial number or the name):

Copy files from/to Android

After selecting a device from the list you can navigate the file system, copy and delete files and directories. You can also view files.

Improvements in the text editor

There were some minor improvements in the text editor and viewer. First - adds syntax highlighting for AVR-assembler. Second - when the cursor in the editor is set to word with 6-digit hexadecimal RGB color representation in the status bar shows the color. See screenshot:

Show RGB color in the text editor

Fixed memory leaks

Done a lot of small optimize performance and memory consumption. In particular, fixed memory leak in the file search dialog.

Added all useful

Added icons in the quick file lists (seen in the first screenshot).
Click on the free space indicator in the status bar updates it. Previously, for to find out the actual amount of free disk space necessary to restart the program.
Updated German translation and modules to work with ISO files and Hadoop.

Removed all unnecessary

Disable the built-in djvu viewer - it is too buggy and often crashes. If there is a need for viewing djvu, it is better to use an external viewer.
Deleted turkish localization, the program will no longer work in systems with a Turkish locale.

Download trolCommander 0.9.7 from github

Download the latest nightly build (jar files only).

trolCommander is Free Software. If you like the software, you can donate to support us.

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