trolCommander 0.9.6

trolCommander file manager

New version of trolCommander released - 0.9.6. Now trolCommander required for Java Runtime 8 and above.

Main features:
  • Implemented compact and short view mode (see View->Mode in main menu)
  • Support getting local file owner/group on unix-based systems, added owner/group values to file preference dialog
  • Quality file icons on Mac OS X
  • New search feature in shortcuts prefs
  • Batch file rename - regexp support
  • Executable files highlight
  • FindFile dialog: output list with colorised files and file icons
  • FindFile dialog: new hotkeys for search results - F5 (copy), F6 (move), F8 (delete) selected files
  • Performance optimisation and reduced memory consumption
  • Fixed SFTP issue (application freezes, incorrect obfuscation)
  • Fixed FTP issues (application freezes)
  • Fixed archive unpacking issue
  • Fixed portable linux package
  • Fixed Czech translation (thanks to Ondřej Zima)
  • Fixed language change issue if default locale is not English-US
  • Fixed FTP mkdir operation after rmdir for the same
  • Fixed double dialog issue (found on Mac OS X)
  • Fixed SVG viewer issue
  • Fixed image viewer issue (closing InputStream)
  • Fixed hex viewer issue for empty files
  • Fixed symlink detection
  • Fixed wrong file size issue for archive files on FTP after file changes
Minor improvements:
  • Text viewer/editor: the default font for Mac OS X now is Menlo
  • Mouse scroll support for file panels
  • Fixed double dialog issue (found on Mac OS X)
  • Fixed file find in symlink
  • Improved integration with Gnome on Linux (thanks to Ondřej Zima)
  • Added ShowFoldersSize action
  • Total progress on pack operation and directories deletion
  • Syntax highlight for .zsh, .zshrc, *.ino (arduino), *.m (Objective-C) and *.props files
  • Ruby syntax autodetect for viewer/editor
  • Added new actions for basic file browsing exactly feeling like TC (OpenLeftInRightPanelAction and OpenRightInLeftPanelAction)
  • Refresh ftp folders after file was changed (in text editor etc.)
  • Debug console - added threads info
  • Show symlink target in command line for FTP and SFTP files
  • Symlink: copy and edit works only for local files
  • Case insensitive file search on Windows and Mac OS X

Some screenshost:

Compact and short mode for filetable

Added owner and group fields to file properties view

Quality file icons for Mac OS X

Shortcuts configurator - search by name and hotkey

Batch rename - regexp support

New FindFile dialog

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