DupKiller - Tool to remove duplicate files

Find duplicate files

DupKiller - a small console program to find and remove duplicate files on disks.

Utility can be run without parameters, then it will find duplicate files in current directory. You can pass it as arguments a list of paths, such as:

dupkiller c: d:\images e:\images

then the duplicates will be searched for all specified paths.

The program makes a list of files contained in the specified directory and all subdirectories and filters out the files with unique sizes. For the remaining files will be calculated hash, and files for which it matches will be marked as a duplicate. After this, you will see information about the number of duplicates found and total size. Further, if your permission, duplicate files are removed, and in the group of identical files will be left only the first file.

The program is distributed "as is" and for the result of its use the author is not liable.

Sourcess (MSVC) are attached. For compiling required library wxWidgets


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